General Motors’ ‘Maven’ service has begun adding Chevrolet Bolt EVs to its car-sharing service. More than 100-for-hire Bolts will be added by the company in Los Angeles. Both Maven customers and Lyft Express Drive users will be able to use the cars.

According to,

“Maven’s Los Angeles operations have achieved an average month-over-month growth of 56 percent since launching in October. The automaker suggests the car-sharing Bolt fleet could eventually account for up to 250,000 all-electric miles each month.”

The Chevrolet Bolt has also been named 2017 Car of the Year by MotorTrend, which brings excitement to Maven, as customers can take advantage of its benefits. With electric cars still being introduced to consumers, many probably haven’t driven in one yet, and can use this opportunity to experience this new automobile advancement. says,

“GM is collaborating with partner companies and government agencies to pursue infrastructure projects that will encourage the use of EVs in the ‘sharing economy.’ Similar initiatives will likely be pursued in San Diego and San Francisco as Maven further expands Bolt availability.”

Hopefully, as Maven expands and reaches more consumers, it can be a grand step towards the switch to electric vehicles.

Maven is now available in 17 cities in the US and Canada, and has more than 24,000 members and 27,500 reservations to date.

GM’s Maven adds Chevy Bolt to Los Angeles car-sharing service

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