Ford drivers can now be a part of the new automobile technology craze with 4G Wi-Fi in their vehicles. Ford is debuting SmartLink, a system that connects vehicles with features not previously equipped with. Modern features such as 4G Wi-Fi, remote start, and other key features will be accessible to owners of 2010-2016 Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

So, what does it take?

All it takes is plugging in the simple SmartLink device to OBD II port in the vehicle, under the steering wheel. According to,

“Drivers will be able to locate their vehicle in a parking lot, receive health and security alters, schedule service appointments, and utilize 4G Wi-Fi hotspots capable of connecting up to eight devices. The device also enables remote start, locking, and unlocking with the compatible smartphone app.”

This new roll out took Ford two years of extensive research to develop the perfect SmartLink technology, with the help of Delphi Automotive and Verizon Telematics. Ford’s new technology addition to older models represent a great step for the industry and Ford drivers everywhere.

In a release, Raj Nair, Ford’s executive vice president of Global Product Development and Chief Technical Officer said,

“From security to performance, we’ve conducted extensive testing and made a number of improvements to ensure Ford SmartLink enhances the customer experience for our owners.”

It’s always significant when companies truly care about their customers, as it represents loyalty and credibility. Now, people who drive older Ford models will not feel compelled to go out and purchase a new car, whether it be a Ford or another brand. They can simply take advantage of their new technology features right in the same car.

Older Ford Models Get 4G Wi-Fi

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