The Enclave is an SUV designed by General Motors. The car has amazing and functional features which has made it a leading brand in the market and increased its sales and demand greatly since it was revealed in 2008. The SUV is relatively affordable and also easily available online with an additional fee for shipping.

The car features a seven seater interior layout which can be modelled to sit eight people. There are three standard rows with a SmartslideTM seating technology available for the second row. The front passenger seat is equipped with an eight way power adjuster. All the seats are equipped with an effective and essential power recline technology that also has a lumber control feature for more comfortable seating. The positioning of the seats guarantees for increased space for luggage.

The interior of the car apart from the usual air conditioning, is also equipped with state of the art tri-zone technology for climate control. The technology allows for better regulation of the climate conditions in the interior of the car. There are also other features including an air filtration that are guaranteed to make the car a whole lot more comfy. There is also a sun sensor and cruise control technology installed into the car.

Apart from an exquisite and highly modern interior, the SUV also has a great functioning exterior. It comes with a standard front wheel drive and the optional all wheel drive available for a slightly higher price. The engine of the car is a 3.6 litre engine with six cylinders and 24 valves. It is also technologically adjusted for better fuel economy as well as easier fuel delivery which guarantees increased engine power. The engine has a horsepower of 6300 rpm and supplies 3400 rpm torque. The Buick Enclave features an automatic transmission with up to 6 speed adjustment. There is also power steering fitted into the car for easier control.

With the latest in safety technology and improved suspension and steering functionality, the Buick Enclave is an absolute comfort machine that is designed not only to suit your needs but also to be extremely classy at it. The SUV comes in a range of colors from which you can comfortably select. The SUV is a modern high standards designed to serve for comfort, style and functionality for a large crowd. Suitable for long drives with the family or even short drives alone, the Buick Enclave is modified to suit everyone ranging from the economic to the high class individuals without any constraints.

2017 Buick Enclave